New Store Development

The majority of our growth involves new construction of freestanding stores on real estate we own. However, we also consider build-to-suit, ground lease or building lease options.

General Guidelines

  • Typically we require 30,000 to 35,000 square feet of land for one of our freestanding prototypes.
  • Land parcels for new construction must accommodate between 30 to 40 parking spaces.
  • Our stores typically range from 6,800 to 7,225 square feet in floor area. A minimum of 60 feet of frontage for existing buildings.
  • Lease spaces must include plenty of non-congested, customer friendly parking spaces and prominent pole signage.
  • Shopping center preferences are an end cap or pad site.
  • We require high-impact locations with excellent visibility and easy access from adjacent streets.

View a Typical Site Plan (This is a 500 KB file that may take a few minutes to download)

Once you have reviewed all of the information on this page, consult the Contact Map for the appropriate address in order to print and submit our Property Submittal Form.

Frontage View of Facility

Real Estate Picture

Building frontage may vary from 70' to 120' depending on lot dimensions

O'Reilly Logo Wall Sign

Real Estate Picture

A close-up view of the store front.

Monument Sign

Real Estate Picture

The O'Reilly monument sign that appears in front of the store.

Property Specific Information

Real Estate Picture

For property specific questions, see the Contact Map to contact the appropriate area representative.

Contact Map

Second Viewpoint

Real Estate Picture

Frontage shot from a different viewpoint.

Pole Sign/Reader Board

Real Estate Picture

The O'Reilly sign and reader board that appears in front of the store.

Logo on the side of the building

Real Estate Picture

Optional signage for high traffic corner lots.